SolStream Music

Solstream is a cutting-edge music streaming platform that harnesses the power of the Solana blockchain to revolutionize the way artists and record labels distribute and monetize their music. With Solstream, artists can upload their tracks, connect with fans worldwide, and earn fair and transparent royalties through subscription revenue sharing.


The Problem:

Fair Royalty Distribution:

The pay per stream model is flawed in many ways. First, it incentivizes bad actors. If artists are paid per stream, an opportunity arises for predatory organizations to pressure artist into using nefarious practices to artificially inflate streamsfor monetary gain.

Major platforms have begun to alter their already unfair pay structure to an even more unbalanced system. An overwhelmingly large percentage of artists will no longer be paid their royalties.


There is no 3rd party auditing system. Major streaming platforms report streaming numbers from their platform while potentially benefitting from reporting less than the actual amount of streams that an artist recieved. This creates a conflict of interest.

Cost Prohibitive:

If artists want to distribute their music to online platforms, they are forced to go through a distribution company. These companies charge fees for every release on a yearly basis. The more music artists release, the higher their cost is year over year. If these fees are not paid,
the artist’s work is taken down from the online platforms.


Royalty Payouts:

Solstream Music does not operate on a “Pay per stream” model. Artist’s are paid via subscription revenue sharing. The more sucbscribers the platform has, the larger the artist payout pool is. Artist shares of the payout pool are calculated by unique listeners instead of number of streams.

Solstream Music aims to provide transparency to it’s partners and content creators. Systems are being built on blockchains to provide unadulterated data


Solstream Music subscriptions prices for artists and labels do not increase with the amount of content that they release. When artists and labels are registered with SolStream Music, they can distribute their music to all major streaming platforms at no extra charge.

Value Building:

Artists and label’s are allocated the platform’s native “STREAM” tokens when they connect their Solana wallet to their account. These tokens are locked in the users account in order to participate in the ecosystem and future blockchain based incentives.

Ready to make it happen?

Solstream Artists

We’re making it easy for your fans to tune in wherever you are and wherever they are.

Solstream for Artists provides artists and their teams with audience stats and tools for promoting their music and managing their profile on solstream.co. You also become a verified artist, so your profile on Solstream gets a verification check mark.

Music Community

Build your audience at any stage and learn from your fans, Get listeners into your new music and stay connected with your followers, Solstream is the music community platform.

Turn Key Platform

Whether you make music, work at a label, manage an artist, or do it all yourself. Solstream Music is the best way to bring it all together